The ‘Bedrooms’ installation uses minimal means and familiar architectural representation devices to provide an experiential and comparative insight into the lives of Athenians. It is an archive of twenty-four bedrooms that were photographed and surveyed in June and July 2012. The underlying intention is to provide an alternative reading of the city that remains foremost a locus of intimacy and a common ground for the ‘sharing of differences’.

After decades of apparent prosperity, the city of Athens is experiencing an abrupt transformation being fueled by the current economic recession. The most evident physical manifestations of the current situation occur in the streets and can be described with three words: insecurity, strife and dissent. We have chosen to peek into the spaces that are not decipherable from within the public realm: the rooms where people sleep. These private spaces, where Athenians spend most of their time, simultaneously reflects and impacts their emotional world.

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