the installation

The installation in the Greek Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale employs two mediums of representation: A physical model (scale 1:50) and a photograph. The model provides an abstract understanding of the spatial qualities of the room, while the photograph, seen through a hand held slide viewer, provides an image rich in details.

The models are scattered and discretely inserted into the platforms exhibiting the other artifacts of the Greek pavilion. The walls of the rooms are made out of the same material as the platforms (untreated MDF sheets) while the furnishings are made out of basswood. Seen either in plan or in section, they are spatial representations of the rooms conveying scale and arrangement of furnishings.

The slide viewers contain photographs taken by Yiannis Hadjiaslanis with a 20mm lens. Their vantage point is not frontal, in an effort to include the most information possible within the frames. Each photograph is void of occupants, but traces of their inhabitation are prevalent.

The windows in the models hold a transparency with the actual views of each room. A hidden light bulb turns the models into slide projectors of these views, allowing the viewer to see the urban context and the relation of the space with it’s surroundings.

Our small archive of bedrooms documents the prevalent typologies of Athenian sleeping quarters along with the atypical, emerging cultural diversity hidden inside the generic framework of the city fabric.

The selection was made in order to explore the differences and commonalities between social demographics, lifestyles, building typologies and neighborhoods. We have included bedrooms from a social housing project in Leoforos Alexandras, a mansion in Kolonaki, a brothel from the red light district of Kerameikos, a commune of street artists in Petralona, a basement inhabited by economic migrants in Kypseli and a middle class family living in the archetypal Athenian block of flats (‘polykatoikia’).

See the entire archive of rooms (from A to Ω)  here

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