The ‘Making of’

The entire process of designing, scouting, constructing and installing our work lasted three months. During June and July 2012 we scouted the city, knocking on doors, asking people to photograph their bedrooms. Our research territory was defined by the limits of the municipality of Athens (37.7 Km2) which is the epicenter of the current Greek financial crisis, characterised by increasing demographic shifts. The scouting team was comprised of Katerina Chrysanthopoulou (architect) and Sophia Chandaka (anthropologist). Yiannis Hadjiaslanis (photographer) accompanied them everywhere, carrying his camera equipment along their long walks through the city.

Each room was photographed by Yiannis, while Katerina surveyed them carefully, sketching everything that took up space within the rooms.

Back at our studio we pined up material on the wall in order to make the final selection of 24 rooms and started building the intricate models of each bedroom.

It took nearly a month to make all the models. The model making team was comprised of Maria Pappa and Nikos Nikolis, while Katerina Chrysanthopoulou carefully packaged the models.

Our six crates were delivered to Michalis Gavrilos who transfered all the material to Venice and set up all the installations in Greek Pavillion.

The exhibition boxes for the Greek pavilion were made out of MDF sheets which were carved carefully in order to host our models. A light fixture was placed underneath the floorplate of each bedroom,  concealed in the boxes, so that it would light up the views in the windows.

The slide viewers had been modified in Athens. A fishing weight pulls the wire cable and it disappears into the box when the slide viewer is not used.

Basic information about the inhabitants of each room (age, nationality, profession) and the building that hosts it (date of construction, typology, neighborhood) where stamped onto the boxes.

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1 Response to The ‘Making of’

  1. Guy Dugdale says:

    guys, I went round your pavillion twice in Venice and really enjoyed it – I loved your seriousness (including serious playfulness), and the fact that you made an effort, and that you employed what can best be called the ‘craft skills’ of exhibition design – certain other moments/ places of the biennale were just empty spaces of silly whimsy, others were monuments to egotistical laziness

    one thing, I was perplexed by your declared theme of interiority – becoz the ‘take away’ idea (to use that Americanism) from your show was clearly the very macro and exterior attempt to imagine retrofitting an urbanist shape and a meta-architectural texture to the Athens sprawl – towards which, I myself was much informed by your review of present-day vernacular Greek city building – always best to know what’s there!

    don’t get me wrong, I loved it – but then I have a huge soft spot for Greece – so big yazoo! and ciao! – guy dugdale (the xeno)

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